Welcome to KingStreet Sires

Kingstreet Sires is a farmer owned AI company that is situated in Cheshire England. Kingstreet sires started in 2007 when Mark and Susan Nutsford and Bill Nadin decided that they wanted to market some of their own bulls. Early sires that were released included Riverdane Adventure Red (Advent x Redrose), Riverdane Roses Reflection (Shottle x Redrose) and Riverdane Spitfire (Goldwyn x Integrity Sara). Success with these sires both in the UK and across the world helped Kingstreet to expand contacts and customers. Since then several world famous studs are used to source bulls from which include ST Genetics a Worldwide Leader in Sexed Semen.

Both conventional and sexed semen are now marketed in the UK from a variety of sires that has something to suit every farms breeding goals.

Our vision is simple, to provide breeders with an outstanding selection of the most desirable, premium genetics available on today’s market, offering you the opportunity to emulate the success that other breeding programmes have achieved.

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