World-Class Families

Fellow Holstein Breeders, we are proud to present our collection of sires. Our sires are bred from distinguished cow families, including some of the greatest individual cows in the world today, combined with the finest sires available.

The sires we have on offer are from world-class families such as Apple, Asia, Brasilia, Emilyann, Missy, Lila Z, and Roxy. They are all from leading sires that are no strangers to topping sire charts across the World.

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Internationally Renowned

KingStreet Sires are pleased to source and market some of the World’s leading Holstein Genomic and Proven sires.

Kingstreet Sires are working with some of the leading AI organisations in the World which include ST Genetics, a Worldwide Leader in Sexed Semen.

New to the UK market is the Sexed Ultra semen which delivers conception rates approaching those achieved through conventional A.I. Many of the bulls are available as Sexed Ultra.